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It appears that the sentences amount to 13 years. 4 years, followed by 4 years, followed by 5 years (which overlaps with the third four-year sentence.)You have already done about 1ā€“1/2 years of that. The upside is, instead of serving six months to two years in a State Jail facility (day-for-day), you can be sentenced to: (1) serve up to a year. With our Heat nā€™ Serve Feasts, you can spend more time making memories, and less time making meals Any 3g offense committed on or after September 1, 1993 requires an inmate to serve a minimum of one-half of the total sentence to become parole eligible Child sexual abuse: 25 years : 3 years 3 OY Child sexual abuse: 25 years : 3 years 3..

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